palatine - Bio

Think Carey, Bowie, Pavorotti, & Wonder. 


The vividly imaginative, highly expressive, and wildly versatile music of Palatine cleverly combines a vast variety of styles in effort to gift the world with sounds that are completely new & compelling to listen to.

Based out of Philadelphia, Palatine dedicated as much time as humanly possible to his music, training for years to refine his own approach to vocals & piano with incredible talents guiding the process like Leah Hopkins, Steven (Doc) Sametz, Angela Everwood, & many more, including the late Father John D’Amico.  Through their teaching, Palatine emerged from his time as a student ready to lead the way with a unique style he could call his own, creatively inspired to start diving even further into the depths that music had to offer him. He would go on to excel, singing in professional choirs all throughout Philly, eventually becoming a National Marian Anderson Historical Society and Museum artist/scholar, & also a tenor soloist/section leader at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, performing at services & special functions.  

As much as he continually enjoys singing the Gospel, there was still a whole other side of Palatine’s music that he was ready to explore…Funk, R&B, Pop, Rock…an entire world of sound was calling out to him through stunning ideas, melodies, rhythms & grooves that were beginning to take shape in his songwriting.  Ready to take his colorful, uplifting, heartfelt, and emotional songs to the next level, Palatine sought out incredible talents from the local music-scene to bring together a crew of superstars & ace musicians that would go on to become essential players in his band. Joined quickly by the skillful sounds of Anthony Pompey and Ben High, accompanied by the talented Eric Allenson as well, they played countless stages together, including remarkable venues like The New Leaf Club, The Cutting Room, Legendary Dobbs, Dawson Street Pub, and Chris’ Jazz Cafe.  Making a positive impression and impact on listeners every time they stepped on stage – Palatine began to blossom as what was once potential became the new reality; the dream of a music career was close enough to reach-out & touch.

In 2016, the dream became even closer.  As Palatine began to release singles and demos online, the support for the music began to reveal itself – people were responding to the new songs with resounding enthusiasm, positivity, and love; feelings that would continually inspire the journey forward to this day.  The entire band would hit the road officially in 2017 to promote the songs from their Run With Me EP & bring them straight to the people as they played live in music hotspots throughout the USA.  Discovering that the sound of Palatine’s songs were able to establish an undeniable connection with listeners all over the country, they entertained thousands of music-fans along the way as their adventure continued.

Confidently heading back to the studio to record the debut full-length record Peter for its 2018 release, Palatine stepped into every role in a self-produced/written/performed album that brilliantly shines a light on the vibrantly creative music that has become a signature staple of the songwriting & sound.  Over the course of nine brand-new songs, Palatine sounds the best it ever has to-date, completely dialed into their sweet mix of heartfelt emotion, powerful melodies, sincerely exceptional vocals, and music that truly moves the soul.  Stoked & ready to share the songs from Peter with the world awaiting – Palatine’s got big plans to hit the stage throughout the year and an exceptional video for the lead-single “Your Heart” being released in the summer of 2018 in support of the new album.  The dream has now become the daily life of Palatine and he couldn’t possibly be more thankful for every moment.