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We Are All Noble In Our Own Right 


We Are All Noble In Our Own Right

First, if you are out there and are reading this, I want to say with open arms, WELCOME TO, and THANK YOU FOR READING, my first blog post. I won't continue by saying what I will be talking about. I will say, however, that the day is what you make it, and you are more than your thoughts. 

I fell asleep around 2:00 am knowing I needed to be awake by 5:30 am. I am one of those morning persons who likes to take his sweet time getting up and dressed. I love the mornings. I usually give myself an hour to get ready.

 For a few months I have been battling that morning voice that says, "I'm tired" "Hit the snooze button" "Today is going to suck because it's early..." We've all been there, haven't we? It's relatively new for me, and I don't like it, and don't like how it is trying to profess itself as my thought, rather than a convincing outside suggestion. But something was in the air this morning that didn't allow me to become victim to these slothful permeations. There was an intention and an audacity in the air. A peace. A plan!

I got into my car and drove slowly to meet my tri-weekly friends in their flower beds, yes, the flowers themselves, to be watered. Well.. I guess it rained last night. Made my morning pretty carefree. I didn't go to the gym or go running.. . ehem I don't have a gym membership. Don't judge me. An unsaid proclamation being everyone expects everyone else to be model citizens with all their every things together, including going to the trendy gym. But maaan, shoot,... I'm working on that gym thing. 

Oh, haha, see, I have to laugh. All this just to get to what I want to bring up (working on my focus).... MY BAND MATES AND I ARE WORKING ON A NAME. A new support in my branding. A new band name that will define ONLY my band project. Not all I do as a musician is band oriented. This name enhancement (I don't want to call it a name change because it will just expand and expound upon what we currently have) will also help my guys (Anthony Pompey, Eric Allenson, and Ben High [with an occasional Dave Isaacson]) be more involved with band decisions, songwriting, and overall input in the project. 

Overall I think it is pretty exciting. I believe this project, with my band mates, is a place where we can go to be bigger than ourselves. It is a place of creation and musical synergy between friends that elevates not only us, but also you, a listener/fan/friend, to remind us/you that it is okay to take time away from life, even if everything is fine, to sit back - and say - I am noble, regal, worthy, and capable of better in all I do. And watch everything rise from that solid ground. 

Peace \|