The Grape Room Open Mic Hosted By palatine

The Grape Room, 105 Grape Street, Philadelphia, PA

Come out to Philadelphia's, The Grape Room's Weekly Open Mic -signups at 8:30 pm, 9:15 start time.

It takes place in the heart of Manayunk, right off Main Street. There are drink specials, networking opportunities, and just a good overall vibe and feeling, not to mention MUSIC!
I'll be hosting this week. Sometimes one of my favorites, Morgan Pinkstone, hosts. It is quite the honorable experience to get up on that stage and introduce who could be the next great, because it is not unheard of!

Is that person you? Is that person far from you? It doesn't matter!

Are you the next Richard Pryor or do they pry you off stage? We won't! I mean, unless it's wayyyy overboard. Haha.

Sometimes though just gotta let it flow! You'll get crowd love.

Either way any way every way, come through. Let's do the whole stage thing! The whole open mic thing! It'll be a great night. Peace.